Friday, August 7, 2015

Introducing Shinola Journals

Cue the Eminem. Porter Square Books is proud to start carrying Shinola’s line of handmade journals. Shinola is a manufacturing company founded on a commitment to high quality American manufacturing and based in Detroit. (Hence the Eminem cuing from one sentence ago. OK, that was probably a bit much but it worked for Chrysler.) Shinola makes everything from bicycles, to watches, to handbags, to artisan footballs and have been extremely successful in the first few years since their founding, not just because they make high quality goods, but because they tell a compelling story about American identity and the importance of local manufacturing in general, and Detroit manufacturing in particular. We, of course, can get behind the value of local manufacturing.

I guess you could say that the Shinola journals are just an American made version of Moleskine and you’d be right. But, local (even if the closest local available “in this country”) has its own value, so saying a product is “an American made version of Moleskine,” is actually saying quite a lot. See everything Shinola has to offer here and check out this piece about the company’s success in the Washington Post here. Stop by the store to see our full Shinola line-up.

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