Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Perfect Gift Part 1

The challenge of gift giving with books is not finding a great book to give, the world is full of great books, but in finding the perfect great book for a particular person on your list. To help you out Porter Square Books will be posting the perfect books for particular people. If you're stuck about someone on your list read on.

Here are some gift ideas for the kids in your life from Carol our children's book:

For the one-year-old who loves dogs: 25th Anniversary edition of Where's Spot (with Spot Plush!!!!)

For the boy or girl middle grade reader who likes adventure, Alaska/boats: Williwaw by Tom Bodett

For the 12 and up girl who enjoys historical fiction and loves stories about slavery/American Revolution (but is too young for Octavian Nothing): Chains
by Laurie Halse Anderson

For a family gift for people still reeling from the excitement of the election: Our White House. (We have some copies signed by 3 of the author/illustrators who contributed to the book.)

Stay tuned for more perfect great books for your friends and family.

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