Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Literary Links

The holidays have kept us away from the blog for a few weeks, but I have had the chance to pull together some literary links.

First up, I found this link on Bookdwarf, a good literary blog run by a buyer for the Harvard Bookstore, to a listing of the most anticipated books of 2009. It's a great list and a lot to look forward to.

Clayton Eshelman is the pre-eminent translator of my favorite poet of all time, Cesar Vallejo. Bookslut (a book review site) has an interview with Eshelman about his work as a translator and his own poetry. The interview also includes an examination of a Vallejo poem. It's a cool interview and a good introduction to Vallejo.

Finally, with his new poetry collection My Index of Slightly Horrifying Knowledge, Paul Guest has quickly become one of my favorite living poets. He's up there with James Tate, Brian Turner, Kevin Young, and Noah Eli Gordon. (More on Paul Guest later.) He has a blog where he posts poems and writing.

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