Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Dover Thrift Science and Mathematics

Books put out by Dover Thrift have always been great for filling out a library or trying an old classic you've been meaning to read. For a few bucks you can get copies of some of the great works of literature. The print is small and the paper cheap, but they're called Dover Thrift for a reason. However we just got a shipment today (8/12) that includes books from their math and science section and they have really out done themselves. General Chemistry by Linus Pauling, Quantum Theory by David Bohm, Thermodynamics by Enrico Fermi, and On Growth and Form by D'arcy Wentworth Thompson are just a few of the classic works of science Dover has brought back into print.

These are great additions to any science library, but they are also great reads for someone interested in the history of science.

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