Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Letters of Note.Com

Kurt Vonnegut's first letter after escaping from Dresden. An alternative origin story for Superman that involves time travel and Olympic Medals. Edgar Allen Poe apologizing for his conduct because his friend made him drink too many "juleps." Letters of Note is a great website that features fascinating letters, notes, faxes, and memos. The site updates daily and includes, in addition to the examples mentioned above, J.D. Salinger arguing that Holden Caulfield is "unactable" Hunter S. Thompson haranguing a producer over an adaptation of The Rum Diary (which was never completed) and animation advice from the creator of Ren and Stimpy. There are also letters by Allen Moore, Robert Heinlien, Philip K. Dick, Van Gogh, Dr. Seuss and many more. It's a fascinating way to lose an afternoon.

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