Monday, February 7, 2011

New SciFi / Fantasy

With a new year comes new SciFi / Fantasy novels.

Midnight Riot by Ben Aaronovitch -- A fun and light urban fantasy set in London, this novel is the first in a series (book #2 comes out in March) about a likable young cop whose only talent seems to be talking to ghosts.

The Heroes by Joe Abercrombie -- Set in the same world as the Abercrombie's "First Law" trilogy, this novel tells the story of a bloody three-day battle that will determine the fate of nations. Blood and grit, passion and sin, these are the hallmarks of Abercrombie's writing. As the tag-line says: "Three men. One Battle. No heroes."

Leviathans of Jupiter by Ben Bova -- The latest in Bova's "Grand Tour" of the solar system, Leviathans of Jupiter takes his human colonists to Jupiter to investigate the leviathans -- colossal creatures of unknown intelligence. It's more intelligent space adventure from a giant of the genre.

The Sentinel Mage by Emily Gee -- This first volumne in the "Cursed Kingdoms" trilogy is well-written, fast-paced fantasy adventure. Assassins, creeping curses, and shape-shifting mages make this a fast, fun read.

The Sworn by Gail Z. Martin -- Another first in a new series (The Fallen Kings Cycle) this novel is set in the author's earlier "Chronicles of the Necromancer". In lands ravaged by civil war, a new threat stirs. The dead are lying in their burrows and when they rise even their sworn protectors may not be enough to stop them.

Death's Sweet Embrace
by Tracey O'Hara --Book two in a series of shape-shifting urban fantasy follows a new protagonist as she tries to solve a series of brutal murders.

Flip this Zombie by Jesse Petersen -- In Married with Zombies Sara and David's marriage was saved by the zombie apocalypse. In this sequel, the happy couple decides to put their new found skills to good use by opening a zombie extermination business. Horrific hilarity ensues. And stay tuned for Eat Slay Love in June.

Bloodshot by Cherie Priest -- A vampire thief, secret government documents, biological experiments, drag-queens, and Men-in-Black -- what could go wrong?

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