Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Mobile Optimized and Gift Card for eBooks

Last week became mobile optimized. This means our website is a lot easier to use on your smartphone. You’ll be able to search for and buy books and ebooks much easier, get a listing of our events, and login to your account to read Google ebooks you’ve already purchased. You can also change back to the regular website if you want to read staff picks, check our childrens section, or explore other parts of our website.

You can also now purchase ebooks with a gift card. Gift cards can be ordered online and over the phone as well as in the store. The American Booksellers Association (they handle the e-commerce part of our website) has been working tirelessly on developing this capacity. It works the same way paying for a regular book with a gift card does. If the amount ends up more than the value of a gift card, you’ll be prompted to enter credit card information. This means you can, finally, share your support for Porter Square Books (and many other indie bookstores around the country) with your friends and family with ereaders.

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Brendan Gannon said...

Awesome. Love that you guys are embracing technology, and I'm so glad there's a simple way for indie brick-and-mortars to sell ebooks.

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