Sunday, August 7, 2011

Smart Phone Scavenger Hunt at PSB

Got a smart phone of some kind? Love books? Need something to do that’s air conditioned and/or out of the rain? Then play our in-store smart phone scavenger hunt. On Friday August 12 at 10 am we’ll post the first clue to a book on our blog, Facebook, and Twitter. Once you’ve figured out what the book is, using whatever online or in-brain resources you have, find it in the store. (Our website lists the sections our books are in.) There will be a QR code hidden near the book. Scanning the code with your smart phone will bring you to a web page with the next clue for the next book. Find the book, find the code, rinse and repeat. The scavenger hunt will be up until closing time (9pm) on Monday August 15. The first ten people to finish the scavenger hunt will win a $10 Porter Square Books Gift Card (good for in-store on online purchases including ebooks).

To play you’ll need a smart phone of some kind (obviously) with a camera and a QR Code Scanner App. Most of those are free. Here are a couple of links to them if you don’t have one already: iPhone and Android and other smartphones.

Some fine print, in regular-sized print. You can certainly ask our booksellers where a particular book is, but it’s wouldn’t be much fun so say “I have a question,” and then read them the clue. The same thing goes for just stumbling on the final book and/or following someone else. There’s no way we could prove you didn’t do the whole hunt, but the hunt is kind of the point. Feel free to do the hunt in a group, but you’ll only get one gift card.

This is the first time we’ve done anything like this, so we’re not sure how everything will go. If everybody enjoys it, we’ll do it again some time. If it doesn’t go well, well, we tried something new. If you have any questions, comments and/or suggestions please send them to Josh at

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