Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Kobo Ebooks Announcement

Kobo Mini

On Wednesday November 7th, Porter Square Books will officially begin selling Kobo ebooks on our website and sometime between now and then (perhaps even tomorrow!) we will be selling the Kobo Mini, the KoboGlo and a range of Kobo accessories  in the store and online. Kobo ebooks will work on pretty much every device except the Kindle, either on the Kobo reading app or by using Adobe Digital Editions to transfer the .epub files onto your device. If you’ve already purchased Google ebooks from us, everything will be pretty much the same. Use the search box to find the ebook you want or follow the “related editions” link in print book listings. Then it’s just like any other online purchase. The first time, you’ll need to establish a Kobo account. Please visit our How to Read an Ebook for all the info you need.

Kobo Glo

If you’re looking for a device both the Kobo Mini and the Kobo Glo are getting good reviews. I personally think the Mini is very cool. Fits in a pocket, fully featured including WiFi, $79.99, with a very sharp screen. The Glo is a bit larger and comes with an ambient light that is supposed to make reading in the dark much more comfortable. Both devices come with an integrated store and if you buy a Kobo from us, all of the purchases you make through that device will credit Porter Square Books, making it the most convenient way to buy ebooks and support us. We’ll have a display model of both the Mini and the Glo at our front desk if you’d like to try one out.  

Glo Sleepcover Case
As always, our goal at Porter Square Books is to get books to readers in whatever format they prefer. If you prefer ebooks, Kobo is how we’ll get those ebooks to you. Questions, comments, or concerns? Just send me an email at and thank you for all of your support over the years.

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