Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Bookstore Schottenfreudes

Ben Schott of Schott’s Original Miscellany fame has compiled an irresistible book, a collection of all those fascinating and complex German terms so perfect for describing the nuances and complexities of life. For example, who hasn’t felt “luftfahrtorigaminiedergeschlagenheit: the sense of deflation when your diligently folded paper airplane beaks immediately to the floor or “deppenfahrerbeaugung: the urge to turn and glare at a bad driver you’ve just overtaken?”

There are definitely experiences here at the store that have no english equivalents and so, inspired by Schott, here are some Porter Square Books specific “Schottenfreudes.”

BeobachtendasZinglinieniekürzer: Never being able to get coffee from Cafe Zing because you’re waiting for the line to go down and it never does.

Buchdasgekauftwirdbevoresadactagelegtist: A book that is so intriguing someone on the staff buys it before it gets shelved.

Zeitillicitybuchgerade: The extra time it takes to shelve books because you have to stop and look through them as you go.

Nureinweiteresbuch: When you have to go back to the register to buy a book you saw on your way out of the store after buying a bunch of other books

Eshateitgesichtdarauf: Figuring out the title of a book based on a very vague description of the cover.

IchhörteesaufNPR: Figuring out the title of a book based on vague and sometimes mis-remembered details heard on the radio.

Dieparteiistbereitsimgange: When you help someone pick out a book for a child they have never met

Falschesgerätfürdirumwelt: Reading a Kindle while hanging out in an independent bookstore.

Woistdietoilette: Using a bookstore for everything (bathroom, playground, meeting place, magazine reading) except for buying books.

Enttäuschtromantischenmarkenkauf: Break hearts, sell books.

Got any bookstore or reading "Schottenfreudes" of your own? Share them in the comments.

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