Friday, February 21, 2014

February 2014 Porter Square Books Receives Grant from James Patterson

We are proud and pleased to announce that Porter Square Books has been awarded a grant from James Patterson. This article will give you some background on Mr. Patterson's program to boost the health of America's independent bookstores.

"Our bookstores in America are at risk. Publishing and publishers as we've known them are at stake. To some extent the future of American literature is at stake." (James Patterson)

Porter Square plans to use our very generous allotment to support children's author visits to schools. We will now be able to underwrite the cost of books for children who do not have the means to buy them. If each child can have a book during an author's visit, the author can better engage the children in meaningful and stimulating discussions. The excitement of meeting a "real" author, and the tangible experience of holding that author's book in hand while talking about it, is so immediate and personal that it can foster an excitement about reading that a classroom cannot otherwise replicate.

One of our missions has always been to play a role in promoting children's literacy in Cambridge and Somerville. We are now in a very good position to do just that. We are very grateful to Mr. Patterson.

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