Friday, March 7, 2014

Announcing Downloadable Audiobooks

We are excited to announce that Porter Square Books now offers downloadable audio books through Acoustik. Acoustik is a free audiobook app available for both iOS and Android devices. Once you have the app (and have created a free account) you’ll be able to buy and download digital audiobooks from your local independent bookstore.

You can search for audiobooks as you would a regular book on our site, you can check out their bestsellers, or browse through various genres like mystery, romance, and teens. Many of the books offer free samples, so you can even test them out beforehand.

So, to sum up. At our website you can get book recommendations from professional booksellers, pre-order forthcoming books so you can get your favorite author’s new book the very instant it is released, orders books to be shipped to you or picked up at the store, shop for ebooks, buy signed copies, keep track of author events, download Pimsleur language courses, learn about the best books for young readers, and now, download audiobooks, and all with your locally owned fiercely independent bookstore. Makes me wonder how any other bookselling website can compete.

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