Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Porter Square Books Mindset

Every year Beloit College puts together the Beloit Mindset, a list of facts, observations, and characteristics they think help explain the mindset of incoming freshmen. We liked the idea so much we flagrantly stole it to create our own Porter Square Books Mindset as another way to the tell the story of our first ten years. Check out the Beloit Mindset here (it’s well worth a read) and continue on for ours.

If you were born in 2004...

Elfriede Jelinek has always been a Nobel Laureate.

The Notebook has always been Exhibit A in the sappy movie category.

Howard Dean has always been known for his screaming skills.

Martha Stewart has always been a convicted felon.

Michael Phelps has always been known for his medal count.

"You get a car. And you get a car" has always been an Oprah reference.

Janet Jackson has always been known for her Super Bowl performance.

In 2004...

...you’d be met with a blank stare when you asked someone if they were “team Edward or team Jacob.”

...we were still waiting for the next Harry Potter.

...cutting edge smartphones, like BlackBerry, had physical keyboards

... "showroom" was a noun, not a verb.

... only college students could be members of "The Facebook."

... Britney Spears was the top search term on Google. (And she had just married Kevin Federline.)

... Barack Obama was famous for his speech at the Democratic National Convention.

... Ukraine was undergoing a revolution. Also, Iraq was descending into chaos.

...there was no such thing as a tablet computer.

...you needed two hands to count the number of major US airlines.

...you couldn’t post anything on YouTube.

...some of us became "Lost" - at least for a season or two - or was it all a dream

A lot has changed over this decade and it doesn’t seem like the pace of social change is abating at all. But for everything that has changed in the past and everything we expect to change in the future, both in the wider world and in the Porter Square Books community, books are still a powerful source of joy and meaning in our lives and we will continue to do our best to bring the best books to our readers.

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