Monday, May 12, 2008

Henry Winkler/Hank Zipzer

Henry Winkler was at our little book store this Mother's day! I think we had about 180 people, with kids sitting on the floor up front. Winkler talked about how hard it was to get through school with undiagnosed dyslexia. He was here to promote his children's series Hank Zipzer: The worlds greatest underachiever. The series is inspired by his childhood experiences with a learning disability. He was so encouraging to the kids telling them that "If you will it it is not a dream". He got D's all through school and here he is- a writer, actor, producer, director...and most important an inspiration to kids with and with out learning difficulties. I was really very impressed with him as a person, so very sweet and kind to everyone in a very genuine way.

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Anonymous said...

Great shots of a gentle human being! Thanks for the review!

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