Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Why I Love My Job Reason # 2

Every so often, when I least expect it, I get real-time validation for what I do.
Most of my time is taken up with looking at catalogs, reading printouts of inventory, looking up books and, in general, doing the behind-the-scenes stuff required by any bookstore to keep it alive.
With such a great front desk staff, I'm not out on the floor very often and, consequently, miss a great deal of discussion with customers about books.

But Monday. Ahh Monday.
One of the booksellers came to the back to say that there were some ladies out front who wanted to talk about mysteries. Whoa! Drop everything else. Someone needs me to talk to them about books!

And, there they were. Led by Robin Paul, twelve ladies from the Carey Memorial Library in Lexington on a field trip!

We promptly appropriated the round table in the back of the store and I grabbed a bunch of books from the shelves to begin our discussion. And, it was a discussion. I don't think that I chose any one book that some one in the group didn't know at least the author. Amazing!
I've invited them back anytime since I think they have a lot more to recommend to me than I was able to give them.

It was great fun and, even though I think I would have done better with some advance thought, it worked well for me and, I hope for them!

Read on , ladies (and let me know any new authors you come across).

By the way - reason #1? BOOKS BOOKS BOOKS

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