Monday, September 15, 2008

I read Neal Stephenson's Snow Crash a few years ago and the more the internet with its online social organization and identity anarchy grows in societal prominence the more prescient Snow Crash becomes. Along with essentially predicting Second Life, Snow Crash reaches one of those narrative spaces a lot of people don't seem to believe in. It is intelligent and fun. Its characters are fully formed, its language is intelligent, its plot is unconventional and it is as fun as any mindless entertainment bon-bon I've ever read. The same can be said for Quicksilver, the first volume in his Baroque trilogy that I'm currently reading. Did you know the conflict between Newton and Leibniz was coiled in the politics of English royalty?

His latest book Anathem is a staff pick here at the store. Below is a Stephenson widget with tons of information about Anathem. It's a treat for fans of Stephenson, plus a chance for people new to his work to get to know him. Just click on any of the six choices at the bottom of the screen below for readings, definitions, and other input from Stephenson as well as a "trailer" for the book.

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