Monday, September 29, 2008

sky dive

My first collection of poetry, BEASTS FOR THE CHASE, is coming out the day after tomorrow--but all I can focus on lately are "current events." Right now, that means the stock market's down, with the Dow reaching its lowest level in a year: I've been riveted all day to charts that show a plunge as spectacular as an Olympic diver's. Living in New York, and having been raised in a suburb permeated by the atmosphere of Wall Street--I still remember the grave address a history teacher gave to my seventh-grade class the morning after Black Monday--it seems impossible not to imagine I can feel the ripple of the day's market plunge in the honks of the cars outside my window, in the gray clouds that destroyed what was a beautiful autumn day just around one pm, in other words, just as the bottom began to drop out. On that happy note...anyone want to come hear me read from my novel about another lost New York City boomtime, the mid-90s club scene, this Thursday, October 2nd? It's called THE ANSWER IS ALWAYS YES.

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Monica Ferrell said...

I meant--lowest in three years! or at least I think so...

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