Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I'm Looking for a Book. It's Got a Green Cover . . .

Many times customers looking for specific books are apologetic when they don't have the full title and author. Sometimes all they have is one word from the title or a vague subject or even just a tidbit about the author. Sometimes they feel a little silly or that they're imposing on my time. Well, the truth is I love hunting down books. My favorite part of my job is helping someone find that book they heard about on TV about gay bush pilots written by a Spanish dentist. And I suspect the same is true for most of my fellow booksellers.

We love finding books and we're pretty good at it. We have Books-in-Print, Google, and a few other "secret" databases at our disposal. And if that's not enough there is, on average, over 50 years of reading experience in the store at any given time.

So come in, give us a challenge. Occasionally we'll even recognize the cover.

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