Monday, April 5, 2010

Knitting Travels and Travails

Knitting is a hobby, an avocation, something to fill time between books, and an obsession!

What other than obsession would make a mature, almost ancient, being pass up the yard, golf, or just plain goofing off on the first best day of the year to ride the Red Line?

Saturday, March 20th was the first annual Red Line Yarn Crawl sponsored by Mind's Eye Yarns, The Windsor Button Shop, and The Stitch House .

It was fun! Obsessive fun (which may make it some sort of sin?) but fun nevertheless!

First of all, you didn't have to drive all over Boston, find a (legal) parking space and then struggle on to the next venue. Take the T! What could be easier?

Then, there were all of the wonderful people you meet who just wanted to share their textile joy with you. This was true of customers and salespeople alike.

Then the special events at each store. Drawings, classes, and guitar-playing knitters. Food, drink, and Yarn!

Then, The Yarns in each store were so worth obsessing over. It was a bit overwhelming but that didn't keep most of us from adding to our already OTT stashes.

While using the T certainly has drawbacks if you buy too much, there is the fact that between each stop, we got to sit and let our brains and other parts relax.

I certainly hope this does become an annual event. Yarn shops, like independent businesses everywhere, are having a hard time surviving and only our continued patronage will keep them
open to satisfy our strange obsession.

Speaking of obsessive behavior (really, it's only obsessive to non-knitters), on April 15th, we will have Adrienne Martini here in the store. She has written a book called Sweater Quest: My Year of Knitting Dangerously. She will be talking at 7:00 PM.

Watch for the Red Line Crawl next year. I'll be there!

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