Wednesday, June 9, 2010

New in Science Fiction & Fantasy (& one old classic)

Windup Girl -- Paolo Bacigalupi
Set in a dystopian, post-oil, near-future Thailand, this dark novel follows the stories of four different characters including Emiko, an artificial woman abandoned by her owners. It is a story of corrupt politics, brutal realities, twisted economies, and racism. The perfect summer read . . . if you find summer too bright and cheerful.

Naamah's Curse -- Jacqueline Carey
Book 2 in the Moirin trilogy follows Moirin, priestess of the goddess of sex as she journeys across a fantastic version of Asia in search of her literal soul-mate. But the course of true love never did run smooth and Moirin must deal with the Great Khan, waves of assassins, and an angry wife
(oh my!). A rollicking tale of adventure, love, and of course, sex.

Ambassador's Mission -- Trudi Canavan
This is book 1 of the Traitor Spy (isn't that redundant?) trilogy which is itself a followup to the Black Magician trilogy. Like all Canavan's books, this is a tale of magic, romances, politics, and secrets lost and fun.

Blonde Bombshell -- Tom Holt
This very odd book is about an intelligent bomb sent to destroy earth that instead decides to tour the planet a bit first. No, seriously. Tom Holt is a very strange, very funny writer already famous in the U.K. See what all the Brits are laughing about.

Dead in the Family -- Charlaine Harris
This is #10 in the bestselling Sookie Stackhouse series, so if you've read the rest you can count on more of the same undead joy. If you've not read the series, go get Dead Until Dark.

For the Win -- Cory Doctorow
Multiplayer online gaming meets real world social and political upheaval in this novel of conspiracies, wargaming, economical collapse, and international hacking. All good, clean fun. Well, maybe not clean but certainly good and fun.

Terminal World -- Alastair Reynolds
Science fiction virtuoso, Alastair Reynolds has done it again. But this time instead of a marvel of hard-SF wonder, he has given us a distant future steampunk novel. As always, Reynolds is adventurous and imaginative. Newcomer or longtime fan, give Terminal World a try.

Blood Oath -- Christopher Farnsworth
A vampire on the president's secret service? I think I'll let this trailer explain:

Android Karenina -- Ben H. Winters
And the looting of the Western Canon continues. In the questionable tradition of Pride & Prejudice & Zombies Quirky Classics brings us Tolstoy's immortal tale of Russian love . . . with robots. Read them to spite your English teacher or revel in lowbrow perversity (or just relish the original Anna Karenina).

And an old classic climbs back in the ring to take another swing . . .

Battle Royale -- Koushun Takami
This classic Japanese novel of teenagers forced to kill each other on a deserted island is back with an improved translation and new material from the author. If you thought Lord of the Flies was OK but not violent enough, then brace yourself for Battle Royale!

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