Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Two Cool New Features on Our Website

Two very cool new features have been added to our website, one unique to us and the other on indie bookstore websites throughout the country thanks the American Booksellers Association. One will help you know what books are coming out in the future (that’s the one we did!), and the other to help you decide if a book you’ve found is one you actually want to buy.

Books from the Future
Did you know we can take pre-orders for books that haven’t been published yet? We can. Of course you can’t pre-order what you don’t know about and unless you happen to be a book buyer, work for one, or spend time at publishing trade shows, you’re probably not going to know what books are available for pre-order. So we’ve created this ever expanding list of Books From The Future. We’ll add to this list every time our buyers hear about future releases they think people will be excited about, so check back frequently. We’ve also set up a page of all the paperback releases, so as soon as we know when the book you’ve been dying to read is due in paperback, you will too. You can also follow our Books From The Future Tumblr where we’ll post one book (or so) from this list every day (or so). Or if you’re on Pinterest follow us and/or our Books from the Future Board.

Staff Picks Labels on Book Listings
Every month we feature a dozen or so adult and childrens books as Staff Picks. We have a display in the store and this page on our website. Over the years we have selected hundreds of great books, and though much of that list is online, it doesn’t really help you if you’re trying to decide whether or not to buy a particular book. Now, when you search for a book, you can see if it was a staff pick right from the search return and read what we had to say about it on its page. We’re still catching up with all our past picks but eventually everything we’ve picked will have a “Staff Pick” stamp on the cover. It’s a little change, but it’ll make it a little bit easier to answer the age old question, “Should I buy this book?”

That's all we've got planned for the website at the moment. Leave us a comment with what other features, services, functions, etc., you'd like to see from

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