Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Book Recommendations for...Tom Brady

We get the occasional celebrity in the store and sometimes we even get to give said celebrity some book recommendations. Unfortunately, celebrities often don’t have time to stop by and get book recommendations from us (or any of the great bookstores around the world) so we’re going to save them the trouble and recommend books to them with our blog. (And maybe you’ll find a few books you like, too.) So here are some book recommendations for Tom Brady.

The Inner Game of Tennis: There’s a good chance Tom has already read this classic of sports intellectualism, but if not, it is exactly what he is looking for. Football might be a team sport, but at the NFL level, and even more so at the Tom Brady level, the first opponent a quarterback must defeat is himself.

Blood Meridian: “Professional athlete” is one of the few jobs where obsession is a requirement but there is a fine line between spending every waking hour of your life thinking about football and completely losing your mind in the desert. In a way, I see the Judge as the Darth Vader to Tom Brady’s Luke Skywalker. The dark side is always there for Tom, he must be able to see it, to defeat it. Furthermore, Tom only accepts the best, and Blood Meridian has some of the best sentences in an American novel. 

Believing is Seeing: When not on the field, odds are Tom is on camera. And his wife, of course, is an international supermodel. After football, photography might be the most important concept in his life. In this book, filmmaker Errol Morris presents the reader with a conundrum and investigates the relationship between photographs and the real world they supposedly record. 

The Complete Calvin and Hobbes: I’m not sure there is a person on the planet The Complete Calvin and Hobbes isn’t perfect for, but Tom probably lives a life where a funny reminder of the importance of friendship, imagination, and being yourself can really hit the spot. Because, in Calvin Ball, as in life, it’s not winning the game, but playing the game with everything you have, that counts.

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