Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A Chair for Leslie

Some of our customers might have noticed a new chair in the store which is usually at the big round table in the back. It looks like one of those college chairs that normally has a college insignia on the back. But in this case, you will find a dedication:

To honor our dear friend and colleague, Leslie Riedel, reader extraordinaire.

We have worked with Leslie at our old store for many years and then here at Porter Square Books since we opened in 2004. Indeed, she is one of the owners. Leslie used to be a children's librarian and has an abiding interest in and great knowledge of children's books; a veritable expert. Her interests don't stop there, however. Mention a book for adults and chances are she's read that as well.

Leslie has recently been diagnosed with ALS and is home with her family. We miss her cheerful spirit, her enthusiasm, and the wonder and appreciation she has for books and life in general.

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