Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Sci Fi/Fantasy Featured Author

Starting this month, we will be featuring a 'new' Sci Fi/Fantasy author. We may highlight a debut author or focus on an established author but the purpose is to present him or her to new readers.

The recommendations will be written by more than one staff member so we won't have you reading vampire romance all the time! We will even be adding in some graphica.

Our author for September is local and since 2007 has published 4 novels.

Mark Del Franco

Mark Del Franco's stories are set in a turbulent world where Faerie and modern reality have uneasily merged.

The 3 books of the Connor Grey series, located in Boston, feature Connor Grey, a former great Druid and investigator for the Fey. They are Unshapely Things, Unfallen Dead, and Unquiet Dreams.

Del Franco's latest book, Skin Deep, is set in the same fascinating world but located in Washington, DC and features Laura Blackstone, PR director for the Fey.

Mark lives with his partner, Jack, in Boston.

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Marie said...

What a great idea as a way to promote science fiction. I saw the display in the store today and it definitely drew my attention. Iain Banks, who was up on the same display, would be another great choice especially as he writes lit fic as well.

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