Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sci-Fi/Fantasy Featured Author

Karl Schroeder was born to Canadian Mennonites and is the author of 10 science fiction books including Lady of Mazes and The Complete Idiot's Guide to Publishing Science Fiction.

His books combine hard SF ideas, Space Opera action, well-drawn characters, and solid writing. His latest quartet of novels is set in the fascinating world of Virga: a 5,000 mile wide sphere filled with miniature suns, floating oceans, and zero-gravity. Within this magnificent piece of world-building, Schroeder unfolds a thrilling story of pirates, politics, war, plot and counter-plot.

Karl Schroeder now lives in Toronto with his wife and daughter and divides his time between writing and working as a technology and future-studies consultant.

This is a writer of bold ideas and captivating storytelling. If you enjoy the world-building of Ring World, the action of Star Wars, and the politics of Dune, you'll enjoy spending some time in Virga.

The Virga series includes: Sun of Suns, Queen of Candesce, Pirate Sun, and The Sunless Countries.

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