Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Anne’s Tuesday Table

The very first Anne's Tuesday Table
Monday nights, the back office and hallway is stacked with boxes of new releases. Stacks and stacks of boxes all stamped, stickered, and labeled for the following Tuesday. For whatever reason, (let’s go with “magic”) Tuesday is the day most publishers release their new books. Which means that every Monday, Todd, Robert, and Heather unpack all of those boxes and load them onto carts, so the new books will be ready when we open our doors at 7am on Tuesday morning.

Which means when Anne opens the store, she finds herself surrounded by carts stacked high with the newest of the new. Yes, for Anne, it is like Christmas every single Tuesday, if Christmas involved putting all the presents away and not getting to keep any of them. (So for most parents, I guess, exactly like Christmas.)

Over the years, Anne has become something of a connoisseur of the new book cart, so we found a table for her, to display the new books she thinks deserve special attention. Sure, there will be the big books everybody has been expecting, and that book on Fresh Air last week, but there will also be interesting books that have, for whatever reason (probably not “magic” this time) flown under the radar, books Anne herself has been waiting for, as well as whatever catches her eye. We’ll leave table up for the day, so all who stop by can see what Anne has picked out for them. We’ll also find time during all the shelving to post a picture & a list of titles for all of our internet friends on Books From the Future. Pictured is the inaugural table. Here are the books on it:

The Arsonist by Sue Miller (who will be reading with us tomorrow!)

The Signature of All Things by Elizabeth Gilbert (In Paperback)

Latitude Zero by Dianna Renn (whose launch party is July 3rd.)

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