Thursday, June 12, 2014

Porter Square Books Index: Our Indie Decade by the Numbers

Inspired by the Harper's Index, we’ve compiled some of the numbers that tell the story of our first ten years. Some mark the inexorable march of time, others the changes the world has gone through over the decade, and still others our growth as a store.

Harry Potter Books: 2

Harry Potter Movies: 6

Special Orders Placed: 86,803 (The first order was for this.)

Generations of the iPhone: 7

No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency Books: 9

HBO Shows Adapted from Books: 6

Movies Adapted from Comic Books: 31

World Series Championships Won by the Red Sox: 3

Books sold in October 2004: 3,520

Books sold in 2004: 20,244

Books Sold All Time as of 5/22: 1,372,776

Customers Signed Up to Our Rewards Program: 56,969

Staff Picks as of 5/27/14: 688

Online Orders Placed as of 6/5: 11,503 (The first was for I’m Off, which is still available to order.)

Number of senators who have represented Massachusetts in the United States Congress including interim: 7

Number of home runs hit by David Ortiz as of 5/27: 317

Number of missions launched to Mars: 8

Broadway performances of Phantom of the Opera, as of 6/1: 4,028 

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