Friday, June 20, 2014

The Family of Bookselling

Eleven years ago several of us realized if we wanted to continue working with our wonderful group of colleagues we would have to start our own bookstore. And that is what we did. Three of us went on the road throughout New England learning what made bookstores successful. Plus, we kept focused on looking for a space in the area we felt would make a good place for the kind of bookstore we envisioned. We found much of what we were looking for in Porter Square, especially the parking lot.

We all worked hard to transform a dress shop into a bookstore. I remember how excited we were when the first shipment of books arrived, but quickly realized we needed many many more books. The neighborhood was patient with us and in less than a year we were on our feet and running. During our first year we found a neighborhood family to start and manage a café, which was something we knew would be important to our continued success.

We were supported by other wonderful bookstore owners, our local trade association NEIBA headed by two bright, fun, and insightful people, and the national organization, ABA, always looking for ways to help and challenge us to become a better business. I have found book people to be a great network for help, but also friendship. The past ten years have flown by. I will miss the customers who became friends talking about books, but also politics and the day’s events. Daily, I miss the “family” we call our staff who make PSB what it is, because they are warm, fun, engaging, and just really good people. But, the drive coming and going on Route 2 I will not miss. Plus, I need time to read all those books stacked everywhere in my house. I feel confident the new owners will bring the same passion for the book business to secure the ongoing success of PSB for many years to come. It was a great ten years. Many thanks to all the lovely people who I met and worked side by side with every day.

Jane Dawson

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