Friday, September 3, 2010

New in Science Fiction & Fantasy

There are a host of new SciFi/Fantasy novels on our shelves:

Dark Echo -- F G Cottam
Dark Echo is a chilling ghost story about a yacht of the same name. Combining the horror of WWI with devil-worship, madness, and death, this is a book to read on dry land.

The Waters Rising -- Sheri S. Tepper
After 3 years, veteran SF/F writer Sheri Tepper is back with another novel of psychological depth and social import. A post-apocalyptic world is threatened by a flood of biblical proportions and a young woman must contend with a mysterious entity in an attempt to save herself and her world. Good news for Tepper's fans and a good introduction for the uninitiated.

Truthseeker -- C. E. Murphy
Straddling the magical worlds of Faerie this urban fantasy follows Lara Jansen,a quiet Boston tailor and Truthseeker, as she joins forces with prince Dafydd ap Caerwyn of Faerie. Now the two of them must unravel court politics, battle foes both mundane and magical, and follow the truth no matter how dangerous. Murphy is a fun, funny, and exciting author.

Cold Magic -- Kate Elliot
The beginning of a new trilogy, this novel weaves a web of secrets and mysteries around the story of two cousins, Cat and Bee. A magical Victorian England is poised on the edge of the Industrial Revolution but the Old Ways die hard and The Cold Mages oppose the new scientists. As usual Elliot offers no easy answers, just great fiction.

A Star Shall Fall by Marie Brennan
In this novel a dragon was responsible for the Great London Fire of 1666. And the Fae court living in secret beneath the city was responsible for banishing the beast to a passing comet. Now science predicts that the comet is returning. It's ancient Magic and new Science in a race to save eighteenth century London.

Blameless -- Gail Carriger
Staying in magical England (who knew it was such a thriving kingdom?) we have the third book of the Parasol Protectorate series. This volume finds our heroine braving the Continent, contending with Templars, and other assorted unpleasantries. A witty and charming series.

Pariah -- Bob Fingerman
A thinking man's zombie book. Filled with black humor, grim intelligence, novel twists, crunchy action, and the author's undead illustrations. Zombie fans have not read it all!

Ghost of a Chance --Simon R Green
This is the first book in the new Ghost Finders series, concerning the Carnacki Institute which exists to "do something" about ghosts. For the Institute's best agents -- Chance, Chambers, and Happy Jack -- "something" means investigating a haunting under the London Underground. . . . Green's books are fast, dark, and fun, and the Ghost Finders series promises to be more of the same. Enjoy.

The Way of Kings -- Brandon Sanderson
Not content with finishing Robert Jordan's many-volumed epic, author Brandon Sanderson has begun his own. The first book in a projected 10 book series of politics, war, and magic offers no solutions but many, many questions. Sanderson is an evil drug-pusher who will hook those poor junkies who thought they were free with the end of the Wheel of Time.

Noise -- Darin Bradley
So, when they updated the TV signal from analog to digital what happened to the unused airwaves? They were hijacked by anarchists predicting the apocalypse, of course! Now civilization has collapsed and two friends who used to play D&D together must put down the dice and pick up the sword and gun to try to lead a group of survivors to a better place. This is fast, clever, character-centered fiction from a debut author. Let's hope he makes more noise.

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